You break ’em, we fix ’em!

Repair Services

Common repairs like laser welding metal frames, fixing or replacing broke hinges, replacing temples and replacing old hardware can typically be completed in just a few hours. Read on for more information on the repair services we offer.

Laser Welding

Our technicians use a top of the line iWeld Benchtop Laserstar welder and precious metals to repair nearly any metal eyeglass frame, including titanium frames. This technology allows us to pinpoint the very small broken area of the frame and accomplish a discreet and strong repair.

Recondition Package

Starting at $55

Our most common welding package, the recondition includes:

• Laser welding
• Ultrasonic cleaning
• Polishing and plating and/or painting repair
• Retapping any hinges or closures and replacing worn screws
• Drilling out broken screws
• Replacing broken or dried out temple tips
• Replacing nose pads
• Replacing broken cords and lens liners
• Straightening and adjusting frame

We offer a six month guarantee on titanium laser welding repairs and a LIFETIME guarantee on all other laser welding. Stand alone laser welding runs $42-$52

Plastic Frame Repairs

Starting at $30

• Hidden hinge repairs
• Riveted hinge repairs
• Temple replacements
• Spring hinge repairs
• Plastic frame polishing
• Plastic frame replacements
• Straightening and adjusting frame

We offer 30-day and lifetime guarantees on our plastic frame repairs.

Custom Clip-Ons

We can create custom clip-on sunglasses specifically for your frame – typically same day! We offer several different styles that can be shaped to your frame and powder coated to match. They are sleek, low profile and easy to use. We have a variety of lens options available including polarized, photochromatic, and more.

Customization Services

Pricing varies

• Adjustable nose pad arm installations on plastic
Silicone build up pad installations on plastic frames
• Personalized adjustments
• Cable temple conversions
• Temple shortening/lengthening
• Frame reconditioning
• Rhinestone replacements
• Ptosis crutch installations
• Lens prism installations
• Occluders

Mail-In Repair Services

Mail Your Repairs To:

Spectrum Eyeglass Repair
179 Watson Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63126

314-822-2266 | 1-800-951-5737

Packing Instructions:

• Pack your glasses into a small cardboard box (box from bank checks or from optical store)
• Wrap glasses/lenses in either bubble wrap, tissue paper, or packing foam (please do not send eyeglass case)
• Include Name, Mailing Address, Day/Night Phone Number


Once we have received your glasses, you will receive a call from us with a quote on your repair or modification. Once you’ve approved the quote, we will complete the work on your frame and you may use any of these payment options:

• Money order (no checks or cash please)
• Credit Card (will be taken over the phone)

An additional $5 will be added to your total repair cost to cover US Postal First Class Mail return shipping. Please specify if you would like to use a different shipping method.

Spectrum Eyeglass Repair is not responsible for damages or loss during shipping.