Clip-On Sunglasses

We carry a large selection of Visionaries® by Shade Control® which are pre-made polarized sunglass clip-ons. We also have the ability to create completely customized clip-ons for virtually any eyeglass frame.


The FITOVERS EYEWEAR® company continually designs the finest polarized sunglasses created to be worn over prescription eyewear. FITOVERS EYEWEAR® maintains their original emphasis on comfort, quality and visual performance. They utilize state-of-the-art frame and lens technologies to provide modern prescription frame wearers with a sunglass that meets the needs of any fashion and lifestyle.

Low Vision Aids

Low Vision is a condition in which vision cannot be corrected by glasses, contacts, surgery or medicine. If you have a loved one suffering from macular degeneration or another form of vision loss, magnifiers can provide a way for them to continue reading and continue any other hobbies their vision loss may be hindering.

We carry a wide variety of low vision aids and magnifiers from readers, to handheld devices, to digital electronic magnifiers. We offer products by Eschenbach Optik, Bausch & Lomb and more!



We also offer a variety of accessories including: Readers, Clic readers, sunglass bifocal readers, sports straps, eyeglass chains and cords, eyeglass cases, lens cleaners, cleaning cloths, pocket magnifiers, and more!